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Gun Carnage In America

Summary On today’s episode of TPVIBE, we talk about senseless gun massacres that routinely happen here in America.  What steps and measures can we take as a society to curtail this awful trend.  To provide some pre-text, we will get into an article produced by AP News—Mass shooters exploited gun laws, loopholes before carnage.  —…

Trading Profits Over The People’

Summary In today’s show, we will talk about a majority of voters throughout the country oppose lawmakers trading individual stocks and why it seems logical to ban lawmakers from doing so.  We will share a piece from ‘Axios’ that reads, “Momentum builds to ban lawmakers from trading stocks”. — This episode is sponsored by ·…

How Ya Gonna Pay For It?

Summary This episode of TPVIBE Podcast, we discuss an article from ‘The Wall Street Journal’ that reads, “Who Won in Afghanistan? Private Contractors”. We will contrast this to social spending for ordinary Americans and ask the question, if we can’t afford to prioritize policies that could materially benefit Americans living conditions; how can we afford…

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